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BCC Historical Timeline



· Sam Wandendeya escaped from Idi Amin


· Sam founds an Orphanage. Begins Christian Fellowship Outreach


· 60 Orphans are transferred to BCC site. Sam starts a school for 150 children under the mango tree and in old church building


· Clinic is established to meet the health needs of orphans and surrounding community


· CFO dissolved


· Bushikori Christian Centre begins

· Geelong Couple, Margery and Rex Hobbs meet Pastor Sam during a visit to Uganda


· Pastor Sam Wandendeya visits Australia. Geelong support committee formed.

· President Margery Hobbs


· Alan Morgan and John Duffield visit B.C.C.


· Decision to have a more formal committee structure. Chairperson John Duffield


· Margery Hobbs and Pamela Bregman visit B.C.C.

· Margery officially opens the new two room school building.

· We begin praying for electricity and a security fence for the centre.


· In January, our first container load of Goods arrives at B.C.C and tragically Pastor Sam Wandendeya is killed in a Bus accident the same day.

· Sam's school closed down by Govt. due to cholera epidemic in area.

· Daryl and Mary-Anne Hobbs visit B.C.C.

· Sam's wife, Anne takes over as Director of B.C.C.

· Anne undertakes six month course in Project Planning & management.

· We begin praying for a house for Anne, toilets for the clinic.


· Pamela Bregman and Pastor Greg Illingworth visit B.C.C.

· BCC website begins. Communication by email starts.

· BCC Australia becomes an Incorporated body

· We begin praying for a midwife's house.


· John and Lyn Duffield visit B.C.C

· Anne and Pastor Samwiri visit Australia

· BCC church moves across the road. Midwives house begins.

· The first annual report and AGM of BCC Australia.


· John and Lyn Duffield move to Uganda to work with B.C.C.

· Chairperson - Pamela Ferrar (Bregman)

· BCC sponsorship fees rise to $320. Direct deposits are possible


· The second Container arrives in Uganda.

· Electricity comes to the centre for the first time

· A house is bought for Anne

· The first O Neil foundation donation


· Second Container unloaded and Workparty from Australia and England visit B.C.C.

· Joshua Primary begins with two completed rooms.

· Church hall turned into a ward, drug store & Lab.

· Security fence erected

· Midwife building completed

· Chairperson - Kerry Peacock


· Third classroom built.

· Hiace bus purchased for centre

· Anne Wandendeya and Michael Wangwe visit Geelong and attend 10th Anniversary Service


· Fourth classroom built

· Fourth classroom built


· Fifth classroom built.

· Work party from Geelong, Australia visit Uganda.

· Administration building opening

· BCC financial database is built.

· Anne begins Bachelors degree in Developmental Studies

· Richard Stone Tertiary Fund commenced in memory of our treasurer who sadly died while actively serving on the committee


· John, Lyn Emma & Annie Duffield come back to Australia to live.

· Rex & Liane Foord visit BCC. They are special guests at the first graduation

· Ceremony held at BCC for Tertiary/Vocation students.

· New BCC Australia website launched.

· Engineering Ministries International provide BCC Uganda with a Master plan


· Gift /welfare pool is set up so BCC Uganda can respond to immediate need for aid.

· Classrooms 6 & 7 completed and in use. The school is completed.

· After 14 years as Orphan Administrators Ella & Lance Matheson hand over the role to Pamela.

· Database of sponsored children set up, tertiary cap begins


· Library is built.

· Clinic gets own toilet block. Extensions begin.

· Generator purchased.

· CD of BCC children singing produced


· Land purchased.

· Mini van purchased.

· Scholarships provided by Rotary Highton Kardinia, another by Church by the Bay


· Maternity extension.

· Staffroom begins.

· Motorbike purchased.

· Liane Foord becomes Child sponsorship Co - Ordinator


· On 24thApril the Friends of Bushikori begins as a fundraising and support group

· Staff room is completed.

· Pink Umbrella partners to provide health support.

· Information booklet on BCC Australia designed and printed, including new logo.

· Commissioning Day held at BCC Uganda

· Esther Cohen and Samantha Rawson visit Bushikori


· Ivan's book published (picture book written by sponsored child)

· Alumni Group of past students begins in BCC Uganda

· Hall attached to staffroom begins construction


· Sponsorship fee rises to $360.

· Mission group from Geelong visits BCC Uganda

· New constitution begins, which allows for General members of the Association from which Committee members are elected.

· Margery Hobbs receives the title of Patron, as President role must be an annually elected.

· President- Kerry Peacock

· 25 years since Margery Hobbs began sending support to Pastor Samuel.

· 20 years of the Australian Support Committee


· Purchase of a new bus for Bushikori

· The Make for a Difference Dinner at Truffle Duck

· Musical Afternoon at Belmont Uniting Church

· Trivia Night to raise funds for The Richard Stone Fund

· Elsie Brown - Committee member sadly died in September of this year


· The contribution of Pink Umbrella continues

· Birth of triplets through the Clinic at Bushikori

· Campbell House Geelong College funded a fuel efficiency stove

· Liane Foord - Committee member and Child Sponsorship co-ordinator sadly died in October of this year. Pamela Ferrar and Rex Foord have continued the role


· First Skype Meeting with Bushikori

· Ongoing support of the staff at Covenant College

· High Tea at Belmont Uniting Church

· The Multi Purpose Hall completed and named “The Geelong Hall.”

· Rex and Nicholas Foord visit Bushikori for the offical naming ceremony of the Geelong Hall


· Visit of Anne and David Wandendeya to Australia

· Development of a merged financial and child sponsorship database

· Support given to Bushikori for drainage and harvesting of water and power connection to the library

· Information Dinner at City on a Hill ”Taste of Uganda”

· Footy Trivia Night held at St Johns Highton with Ian Cover

· Esther Cohen visited Bushikori Uganda and attended wedding of David Wandendeya and his wife Linda Noel

· Approximately 80 Joshua Primary School students staying at the centre and each Sunday they hold their own children's church in the Geelong Hall


· 25th. Anniversary Thanksgiving Service at Belmont Uniting

· Donation from Norm O'Neill for the building of on site teacher accommodation housing

· Pamela Ferrar and Laurel Ling visited Bushikori

· Building commenced Boy's hostel and teacher's accommodation


· Pandemic Covid 19, contact restrictions in place and schools in Uganda shut down

· Althea Abraham and Roger White join ASC

· Death of founding member and Patron Margery Hobbs

· Death of founding member Lance Matheson


· Pandemic Covid 19 continues to cause issues

· Death of Director Anne Wandendeya

· Board of Trustees appoint Mary Wanendeya as acting Director




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