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All about Child Sponsorship

Education is a means out of poverty and a
hope for the future.
Sponsorship pays for -

  • school fees
  • breakfast(maize porridge) and lunch (often their only meal)
  • compulsory uniforms
  • scholastic materials
  • medical care and welfare needs.
  • The staff at Bushikori Christian Centre, in Uganda, regularly visit and monitor the health, living conditions and academic progress of the sponsored students.

    The entire household benefits from one student being sponsored. Extra food is provided and household items such as mattresses, bedding and clothing etc. are purchased for the student to share with the others in their home.

    Click here for details of Sponsorship Rates

    Please contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Pamela Ferrar, if you have any further questions, or click here Other Questions and Answers

    mail: PO Box 42 Geelong 3220

    email: sponsorship@bushikori.org.au


    Bushikori's main focus is the needs of widows and the most vulnerable children living in poverty. The primary way they address this issue is through child sponsorship.

    Bushikori sponsorship is largely co-ordinated through the Australian Support Committee. While the majority of our sponsors come from the Geelong region.

    Unlike a lot of organisations we are not set up for sponsoring online. One of our greatest strengths is the relationship our Child Sponsorship Coordinator has with our sponsors through spending time with them to select a student and their regular updates and contact.

    Sponsoring is a very personal way to support deprived children. Through the student you sponsor, you can learn about a culture very different to your own and gain an insight into the lives of children growing up in developing countries. As a sponsor, you will see the difference you are helping to make. If you wish, you can sponsor more than one student.

    The Australian Support Committee is a group of volunteers that meet regularly and partner with BCC through providing prayer support, organising child sponsorship in Australia and administering donated funds to help resource BCC.


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