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Bushiglory CD (available NOW)- Praise and worship songs from the staff and students of Bushikori Christian Centre

Morning Glory at BCC is a truly remarkable experience. At 8:00 every morning, the staff pour out their hearts to God with almost a half-hour of singing, Bible study, and prayer. The songs are mostly local; they are in Lugisu, Luganda, English, and Swahili. After singing, someone from the staff “shares” from the Bible and then prays about the coming day.

After capturing some of the Morning Glory music on the library video, Maital Baldachin wanted to share this music with people all over the world who could also enjoy the Morning Glory music for its great melodies, its motivating call to prayer, or its unique African beat. Maital decided that BCC should make a CD.

After talking with some of the BCC staff, Maital and Adam (her husband) set to work to prepare a BCC choir for recording. One of the most amazing things about Ugandans is their natural ability to harmonize. It was pretty easy to work out harmonies for four voice parts since most of the staff already knew what voice parts they felt most comfortable singing and could easily pick out the harmonies appropriate to those voice parts.

Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be used to furnish a new library that will support literacy programs for the entire community.

To order CD's in Australia please contact us.



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